1. Check your Login Details

With everyone having so many email and password combinations nowadays, its easy to forget which one is for which site. i know i certainly do! 😖. If your email and password combination is incorrect, you will see a message saying "There was an issue logging you in!"

2. Did you Register via LinkedIn?

If you registered your account via LinkedIn and did not set a password then you will not be able to login via the registration form and must login using the "Sign in with LinkedIn" button situated above the login form. If you do wish to use the login form, you can add a password on your profile details page through your dashboard.

3. Reset your Password

If you're still struggling or can't remember your current password, you can try resetting your password. Use the link below for a quick way to access the reset password page.

4. Still Having Trouble? Get in Touch.

If you're still having issues logging in then feel free to contact our friendly support team who will be happy to help you.

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