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Completing and editing your profile
Completing and editing your profile

Having trouble completing your profile? The article below will give you a helping hand.

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Once you've registered on LEO, you will be asked to complete your profile. This is not mandatory unless you wish to apply to Networks or Challenges as an expert, however, if you wish to have a public profile, the more details you add about yourself, the more likely you are to stand out on the platform and gain attention from big corporates browsing our members.

Creating an profile is a 3 step process- your details, your profile page and settings.

Your profile details (also accessible via your dashboard) is also where you can edit all your information that you added when registering, as well as change your password.

Profile Details

This section contains your profile details and settings, most of which you filled out when registering your account.

Profile Page Setting & Publish

Step 2 is to customise your profile page. You'll need to let us know your field of expertise, provide a short description about yourself, a longer description about your expertise and select the primary sector that you work in. There are also a couple of additional fields including additional sectors that you work in and your profile type (individual, SME, university etc.) You can also select the markets you are looking to target.

This is also where you can upload media such as an icon and banner image (Please use a square jpg image under two Mb for your main profile image. For your header image, use a landscape jpg under 2Mb. If you do not want to set either of these, we will select default one’s for you.)

Setting & Publish Notifications

The 3rd step in completing your profile is settings and notifications. This is where you can select your profile type, change email and password.


You can also alter the emails you get from us in step 3. By toggling on and off email notifications. If you wish to stop receiving newsletters, you will need to unsubscribe on the newsletter emails using the link at the bottom of the email.

Your Progress

Whilst you are working on editing your profile, you will see that there are multiple indicators to show you how close to completion you are. The top purple radial indicator shows your overall progress. Once the top indicator reaches 100% your profile is fully complete. At this point after clicking save you'll be able to apply to Networks and Challenges as an expert.

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