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Adding an innovation

Looking to add an innovation to our platform? Need a helping hand? Read this article for some advice and tips.

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Join 1000's of others by adding your game changing idea to our platform, where people will be able to use our search to find your solutions, or, be proactive and apply your innovation to one of our Challenges. To start adding an innovation click the button below.


If you're adding an innovation for the first time, you'll be taken through an onboarding process to help you out. If you ever want to go through this onboarding again you can activate it by clicking the help button in the bottom right.

Visual Editor

The innovation editor is a 3 step process, basic information, customising the innovation page and settings & publish.

Once you fill in the most basic details and progress to step 2 it will show you a preview of how your innovation will look whilst you edit it.

Your Progress

Whilst you are working on adding or editing your innovation, you will see that there are multiple indicators to show you how close to completion you are with your profile. The top purple radial indicator shows your overall progress. Once this indicator reaches 100% your innovation is fully complete. At this point, after clicking save you'll be able to apply to Networks and Challenges with your innovation.

Innovation Details

These are the minimum fields required to add an innovation to our platform. Completing these will allow you to save your innovation and list it on the platform. You can also toggle your innovation on as private if you only want it to be displayed to people who you give the direct link to, or to administrators of Challenges you apply to.

Additional Details

You will need to complete this section in full to be able to apply to Challenges or join Partner Networks. There's a lot to fill in here, but it's worth it and will help your innovation stand out amongst the crowd, whilst giving corporations as much detail as possible when reviewing your application to their Challenges.

Funding and Opportunities

If you're seeking funding or any other opportunities you can list them in this section and they will be displayed to people viewing your innovation who have purchased a license.


This is where you can add some images to help personalise your innovation and make it stand out. A good size for your main image is 800px*480px. The header image should be landscape but does not need to be a specific size. All images should be jpg format and under 2Mb.

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