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Adding an article

This article will help explain how to post an article onto LEO.

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If you have an interesting thought piece or industry insight to share with our 1000's of members, you can do so by posting an article on our platform. For a quick way to access adding an article, use the button below.


If you're adding an article for the first time, you'll be taken through an onboarding process to help you out. If you ever want to go through this onboarding again you can activate it by clicking the help button in the bottom right.

Visual Editor

The article editor shows you a preview of how your article will look whilst you edit it. You can toggle between the full view of your article and the editor form using the buttons at the top.

Your Progress

Whilst you are working on adding or editing your article, you will see that there is an indicator to show you how close to completion you are. Once the top indicator reaches 100% your article is fully complete.

Article Form

To write an article and publish it to our platform, you must complete the title, subtitle and content form fields. In addition, you can assign sectors to your article which will help categorise it for people searching for that type of article.


You can add an image to help personalise your article and make it stand out. A good size for your image is 800px*480px.

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