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View, edit or delete your articles
View, edit or delete your articles

This article will describe how to edit an existing article.

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If you've already created an article on the LEO platform and you wish to view or edit it, you can easily do so via your dashboard. In the dashboard's navigation, you will see a link to your articles. On desktop this will be on the left hand side and on mobile this will be displayed when you tap the "Menu" toggle.

On your articles page you will see a list of all of your articles.


If you click the card itself this will take you to the articles frontend page.


At the bottom of the article card you will see an edit icon. Clicking this will take you to your article editor where you will be able to amend your article and save the changes. You can also archive the article if you don't wish to delete it but want it to be hidden.


At the bottom of your article card there is also a trash/bin icon. Clicking this will ask you to confirm if you wish to delete your article. Confirming will remove the article from the platform. If you do this by accident we should be able to recover it, so don't panic!

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