If the university you are part of is listed on our universities page, you are a member of that university and your LEO account email is a university email, then you should be provided with the option to associate any of your innovations to that university. This will then list your innovation on the university page.

How to Associate an Innovation

Most universities have a domain name, for example, ox.ac.uk for Oxford University. These domains are linked to the universities on our platform. If you registered with a university email containing that domain name, then you will see a checkbox like the one below.

Checking the above box and clicking save will mean if your innovation is not private it will now appear on the universities page and the university will be marked as the creator.

What if I don't see that Checkbox?

If you don't see the above checkbox, then either your email may not be a university email and the university on the platform may need to have its domains updated to include your email domain, or, the university may not exist on the platform. Please contact support and we will help you get it sorted.

What if the University I'm part of isn't on LEO?

If your university isn't on LEO and you think it should be, please get in touch and we will work on getting your university added to the LEO platform.

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