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View, edit or delete your Challenge or Insight
View, edit or delete your Challenge or Insight

If you're associated to a Challenge or Insight this article will explain how to manage it.

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If you are linked to a Challenge/Insight as either an owner, admin or guest then you will see a link to My Challenges or My Insights in your dashboard and the page will list the ones you are linked to.

If you are the owner, you will be able to delete them. If you are the owner or admin, you will be able to edit the Challenge. Owners, admins and guests will all be able to view the Challenge. You can use a filter in the top right to see draft, published and archived innovations.
On the My Challenges/ My Insights page you will see a list of all of your Challenges. By clicking on the card it will take you to the Challenge/Insight Adminstration.


Once you are within the challenge/insight administration area you will find different tabs down the left hand side. Clicking on the 'Edit Challenge' this will take you to your Challenge editor where you will be able to amend your Challenge and save the changes. You can also archive the Challenge if you don't wish to delete it but want it to be hidden.


If you make a change to your Challenge/Insight that you wish to undo but can't quite remember the way it used to be- don't worry!

We log all changes and all versions of the challenge can reinstated at any time.


Once any changes have been made that you are happy with- click View Challenge/Insight and it will take you to the front end view.

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