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How to check your notifications
How to check your notifications

This article will explain how to check your notifications on the platform.

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When something happens on the platform that you need to know about, a notification will be created for you that you can view at any time.
In the top right hand corner of the website when you are logged in, you will see a bell icon πŸ”” . Clicking or tapping on this icon will show a dropdown list of your notifications. You will see 10 notifications to start. Clicking load more will load another 10.
Unread notifications will have a light grey background. Read notifications will have a white background. Clicking a notification will take you to the relevant area for that notification and mark it as read.

You can click 'mark all as read' if you wish to mark all your notifications as read.
If you have any new notifications that you have not seen yet, you will see a red dot πŸ”΄ in the top right of the notifications bell.

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