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How to add users to your Challenge or Insight
How to add users to your Challenge or Insight

This article will explain how you can add more users into your Challenge or Insight.

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Users that you add to your Challenge/ Insight will be granted full view access to the LEO platform and will be able to message other users. They will also be able to see all of your Challenges/Insights' applications and application details, as well as provide feedback.
To add new users, you'll need to go to your Challenge/Insight administration (can be done by clicking on the challenge card itself on your personal dashboard).

Within Challenge/Insight Settings you can add users.

Challenge Settings

Under this section, you can add more users (we call them administrators), to your Network (Challenge). If the email address provided is already part of the LEO Platform they will get instant access. If not, they will receive an invite to join the LEO Platform and upon creating account will have access.

Click Here for a walk through of how to do this.

These administrators will be able to view all the applications to your Challenge, as well as provide feedback on them. Provided you are already the account owner, you can also change the owner of the Network by clicking on the crown next to the name of one of the administrators.

If you are looking to add people so they only have full view access to your Challenges or Networks innovations, then you will need to have Guests added. We can do this for you, please contact us or your account manager for help.

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