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How to view your Challenge or Network's applications
How to view your Challenge or Network's applications

If you're struggling to find where your Network applications are, this article will show you how to get to them.

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To view the applications in your Challenge/Insight, you must first go to your personal dashboard and click 'My Challenges' or 'My Insights' tab on the right hand side. By clicking on the Challenge/Insight card you will be taken into view your applications. To be able to see applications you must be the Account Owner, Network Owner or Network User.
In your administration area, you will have a sidebar navigation that will have different links depending on what is and isn't activated on your Challenge/Insight. You will see a link for one or both of Innovation Applications and Expert Applications. Clicking on one of these will take you to that list of applications.
By default, you will see a tabular view of all of your applications. If you wish to see them in a card "grid" view. You can toggle between the two using the buttons below, that you will see in the top right.

To view the full details of an application click the eye icon on the table view or click the card in gridview.

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