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How to approve and disapprove applications to your Challenge or Insight
How to approve and disapprove applications to your Challenge or Insight

If you want to approve applications into your Challenge or Insight this article will explain how.

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The Challenge/Insight Owners of which have self approval switched on (if you require this speak with our team) may manually approve and disapprove applications.

To view applications to your Network, you must first go to the Network itself and click the "Challenge Administration" or "Network Administration" button. To be able to see applications you must be the Account Owner, Network Owner or Network User.

In your administration area you will have a sidebar that will have different links depending on what is and isn't activated on your Network. You will see a link for some or all of Innovation Applications and Expert Applications. Clicking on one of these will take you to the list of your applications of that type. A yellow dot next to these links will indicate if you have any pending applications waiting for approval.

Once on this page, if you have the correct permissions and access on the Network, you will see a filter dropdown in the top right that once open will look like the below.

Again you will see a yellow dot on this dropdown to indicate if you have any applications awaiting approval.

By default, you will see only your approved applications.

If you select pending, it will reload all pending applications and you will see buttons to approve or disapprove them.

If you select disapprove, you will see all applications you have already disapproved and be given the option to approve them.

Once an application has been approved into your Network, you may mark your level of interest in it once you've had a chance to review it properly.

Notifying applicants

Users will be notified when you approve or disapprove their application and they will receive an email if their personal settings allow them to receive one you can see the exact messaging sent to the users below:

  • Approved - Your application to the {Example Challenge/Insight} has been approved. If our client is interested in finding out more about your application they will be in contact with you via the LEO platform. Please note that although we guarantee your application will be seen by our client, we cannot guarantee they will be in contact.

  • Disapproved - Unfortunately, it looks as though your application to the {Example Challenge/Insight} did not meet our client's Challenge criteria this time. Please take a look at the other {Challenge/Insight} featured on our platform, you may find them a better fit.

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